6 Ways to Get Ready to Start Working From Office Again

6 Ways to Get Ready to Start Working From Office Again

While the year 2020 and 2021 brought consecutive lockdowns and despair, to say the least, 2022 brings us hope and promising signs of positive progress.

The world finally is going back to its old form,  and for most, it’s a piece of good news.

A shift from your living room converted into an office to return to your actual office is indeed a welcome yet challenging development.

When Will Offices Reopen?

Although vaccination drives are Happening throughout the nation, no one still knows for sure when offices shall reopen.

Most offices have increasingly started opening up and summoning employees back to work.

If you have your trepidations about returning to work, then you are not the only individual who has such thoughts.

However, it depends on specific companies to take a call on such decisions.

In case your office chooses to open, here are several things which you need to do to adapt yourself to return to the office.

How to Prepare Yourself to Return to Work after WFH

1. Acknowledge Negative Thoughts:

This is a challenging time in the history of Mankind, and many of us are having second thoughts about stepping out of our home once again to return to normalcy. And that is It’s absolutely fine to have such thoughts after what we all have experienced in 2020.

However, you must try to restrain projecting any negativity or anxiety that you are feeling on your coworkers.

From being over-concerned about the sanitization of the office space, consistent watching to use sanitizers, or over cautiousness in talking to office associates, there can be a lot of things on your brain that makes it tough for you to resume normal day office.

The first step to succeeding in these fears is to recognize them. Confess these thoughts and find the right people to talk to.

Talk to someone around whom you feel comfortable. They can be your colleagues, friends, or your HR, or anyone in the office you trust. Disregarding such ideas or overlooked fears can lead to serious mental health troubles.

2. Be Open to Change:

Do you remember the last time you walked out of your office before everything went south and the lockdown started?

Well, we can guarantee you that it will not be the same as well when you go back to the office after it reopens.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made everyone including the entire workplace ecosystem to undergo drastic transformations to persevere.

Many systems that might have been normal in the past have been made irrelevant. Against the backdrop of such developments, you might find it a little hard to fit in.

Rather than being cynical about these changes, be a part of the transformation process. Be open to modifications which your employer might find required to apply.

Be emphatic about any such changes and have faith. Looking at the brighter side of things always helps.

Try to be a part of the resolution and not the problem.

3. Be Compassionate:

Everybody who walks into that office has persevered in his/her way during the past year. The memory of this pandemic is fresh in everyone’s mind, and everyone is dealing with it in their way.

Some may have lost their loved ones, someone may have had financial troubles, while some may be nervous or anxious.

Everyone has fought their own battles in 2020. We need to be much more compassionate towards each other, especially when everyone went through a lot in all these months.

A kind gesture may help someone get over their nervousness, a patient ear may help someone find relief, as everyone does need a friend who will be there for them to share their troubles and thoughts.

Be patient with your office colleagues, after all the vibe of any workplace depends on how the employees feel.

4. Spread Joy:

Most of us haven’t had a social gathering in literally a year now. As humans, we favor crawling back into our pods once something like this happens.

As it is said, if you want the world to change, be part of the change. And after all, a kind action has never hurt anyone.

Have fun conversations with your office colleagues, tell them things that may lighten up the mood. Also, you might treat your colleagues to a samosa or snacks anytime you feel like, as food is always said to boost up everyone’s mood.

Do your bit to bring some joy to the people around you.

5. Share WFH Experiences:

One of the best techniques to make the change easy is to exchange your personal experiences with your office colleagues.

WFH had made all of us transform our living rooms into makeshift offices, there must be so many adventures worth sharing.

Gather around your office mates during lunch breaks or small coffee breaks and share each other’s good and bad events while WFH.

6. Focus on Productivity:

The financial hiccups due to COVID 19 pandemic sent shiverings to businesses everywhere in the world.

Businesses are now concentrating on productivity to ensure an assertive rate of growth.

The main focus has mostly changed to the productivity of every individual working in an alignment.

The most crucial thing which should concentrate upon in times like these is being on top of your game.

Any kind of procrastination towards your trade may end up having severe consequences.


Most of us are all set to get back to work, however, the shift from WFH to returning to the office won’t be that easy.

You can also check out these work from home jobs if you wish to continue working remotely

Although we are gradually turning a page of history, one thing is certain: humanity shall triumph.

We will look back after some years at this moment of our lives and know that we came out stronger than before.

Best of luck!

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