Work From Home Stress: How to Deal With it During the Pandemic?

Work From Home Stress

Work from home stress is the byproduct of the new normal that has been going on for more than a year now due to the pandemic. The daily routine of our everyday 9-5 job got thrown out of the window, and we had to accommodate with the new normal, with the solution, remote work from home.


In the beginning, we all were excited about the prospect of not spending hours on our daily commute, stuck in the traffic jams, or with the fact that we don’t have to get all dressed up for a meeting. But after a year, we are realizing that it comes with its own unique set of challenges.


The constant shift of focus between office and home, and the lack of a professional environment has led to a further loss of morale. With no definite end in sight, the only solution is to find the right tactics to deal with this pressure.


If you are dealing with work-from-home fatigue, we have just the thing for you. Here are 5 proven ways to deal with work from home stress and get a hold of your personal and professional life.


How to deal with work from home stress?


Well! This is the question that is in everyone’s mind right now, and everyone is dealing with the problems in their way. But still, if it is bothering you in any way, then here are a few tricks that we here at Careerhunts are taking every day.


1. Delegate domestic tasks as much as you can

The amount of work you can get done in a day makes all the difference. Having to deal with a lot in a single day can be overwhelming, and which in turn may give rise to a lot of stress.


We all know that balancing your home and work while working from home may overlap and mess up your work-life balance. The best way to deal with it is to hire some domestic help to outsource your daily chores.


Some instant modifications can be as small as getting your groceries delivered from the store, paying someone to fetch milk in the morning instead of going by yourself, hiring online tutors to help with your kids' studies, etc. These changes will not only heighten your performance at work and help you free up some time, but will also provide economic support to those in need in these trying times.


2. Reduce procrastination with the 90-20 rule

Do you find yourself avoiding work due to procrastination and procrastinating because you have too much work?


Well.. this happens when you get stuck in a vicious cycle of boredom. This in turn reduces your ability to work and gives birth to more and more stress, and we end up losing our productivity and end up with a lot of unfinished businesses. But it is not hard to beat, with a little bit of willpower.


One of the best ways to get out of this rut is to add structure to your day with the 90-20 rule that all of us at career hunts follow. This rule is quite easy to follow- 


Work for 90 minutes without getting distracted and then take 20 mins to break to rest and recharge yourself, and maybe get a bite to eat.


But, this only works if you follow this rule and stick to working seriously for 90 minutes and only then take 20 minutes off.


3. Find a creative outlet

Working on the same thing every day for 6 days a week can be mind-numbing, and may make it hard to concentrate on the work at hand. finding a creative outlet may help you work a lot better 


Even personally, a creative outlet can be beneficial for your health as it will make you happy, improve your mental health, reduce stress levels, and provide a feeling of purpose, all of which will improve productivity at work.


So, find your creative streak, take up a hobby and find time for it in your everyday schedule to have a better day, in both your professional and personal life.


4. Define work-life balance to avoid work from home stress

We do not need to say how significant work-life balance is for your well-being.


You may have a defined work-life balance, but everything is crumbling apart in the new normal. And with work from home is the new normal, we have to work on a new equation and establish some new ground rules.


Here are some steps that we at Careerhunts follow that can help you too to get some work-life balance:


  • Get a set time to log in and log out

  • Establish a self-care routine to follow every day before getting down to work and after work

  • Find time to hydrate and work out

  • Follow early to bed and to rise

  • Prioritize tasks and take them up in the order of most important to least


5. Do not hesitate to take some time off

You may be working from home, you may be sitting free at home. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to be available all the is normal to feel stressed and tired after a long day.


So, if needed, please use your vacation days to take a few days off for will help you to relax and rewind yourself, and maybe give you the key to deal with the stress.



Having to work from home is the need of the hour as we have to maintain minimum contact and social distancing. But working from home is no easy task, as we will be constantly distracted by all the things we have to do at home.


Well, if you feel the stress is too much for you to handle, then don’t forget to ask for some professional help as well.

So, all the best!

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