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The time after the interview is one of the most important phases of the hiring process. This is the window of opportunity during which you can easily disappear into the background or go unnoticed. Writing a thank-you note is a great way to leave a positive impression and keep your name in people’s minds. They’re not just something you have to do to advance your candidacy; they’re marketing tools that can set you apart from the pack and help you win. Despite the fact that much of what you include in your thank-you letter may have already been communicated during your interview, there is nothing more effective than the written word to etch those thoughts into the mind of your interviewer.

Surpassing Resistance

Your interviewer may have voiced some concerns about your qualifications; if so, you can use the thank-you letter to address and hopefully allay those fears. Show that the worries are actually a chance to shine and that you’re up to the task at hand.

Restate Your Capabilities

Use your thank-you letter to highlight how you can solve the company’s problems and address its concerns if you were given this information.

Put the spotlight on your most impressive professional skills and accomplishments.

You can use a thank-you letter to highlight the ways in which your qualifications match or exceed the company’s stated preferences for a candidate.


Just how long should your letter of gratitude be? You can either risk boring your prospective employer to death or you can rehash your relevant experience as it relates to the open position. There is, of course, no absolute truth when it comes to the job search. We’ve found that “short and sweet” versions are more effective than those that are so wordy that readers tend to ignore them in favour of the trash can. Just keep in mind that the interview indicates that the company is interested in you. Don’t just copy and paste your resume into your thank-you letter; use it as a tool to convey your enthusiasm.


Verify that you have the appropriate title and spelling of the recipient’s name. Make sure you double check their email address if you’re going to be emailing them. Before sending your letter out, make sure it hasn’t got any spelling or grammar mistakes. It demonstrates a lack of focus if this is not done. Get a second opinion by having a third-party recruiter proofread your cover letter. Once you’ve checked the letter for errors and are satisfied with it, it should be sent out. You must act immediately.

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