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The first job interview is always a huge deal for someone who just graduated from college. The best way to deal with this stress is to treat the interview like your final exam. And if you crack the interview, you will get the achievement of finding your first job.

And the most common question you will face in an interview is “tell me something about yourself”. Answering this question does not require any special training, but if you can find the perfect answer to the question, you can find that you have cracked your first job as a fresher.

So let’s begin!

Why do interviewers ask “Tell me something about yourself”?

Before we proceed to answer the question, you need to know why the interviewers ask the question.

As you go through your career, you will see that this question becomes a lot more commonplace in the interviews. This is mainly because this acts as an icebreaker, as well as the interviewers, use it as a way to gauge your psychological profile.

So, if you answer well, you will see that you can make the interviewers believe that you deserve the job and can make a great impression on the interviewers as well.

Factors to consider when answering “Tell me something about yourself”

Once you get to know the reason recruiters ask “Tell me about yourself”, here are a few factors to remember when you get prepared for the question in an HR round.

Research about the company

Researching about the company, their work culture, etc. is extremely consequential before preparing for fresher interview questions.

As it is normal for you to spend most of your time in the office, you must make sure that your interests align with that of the companies, and that you can cope with the company’s work culture.

Researching about the organization is extremely important before the interview every company is different, and when you go in prepared, you make a great impression, which ends up turning into new job offers.

Read the job description

A job description published by the recruiters holds the keywords that can give you hints on answering the question “Tell me something about yourself”.

Take note of all the keywords posted by the company for the job position, and then make a list of all of your achievements and skills as well.

Match the two and highlight 3-5 qualities that match or are close to those of the recruiter’s demands.

Keep the introduction short and precise

“Tell me something about yourself” is one of the very few questions that you can not prepare for, no matter how much you try. So, to answer this question, you can not go on and on with your answer.

So when preparing to answer this HR interview question make sure to keep it short crisp and to the point.

Make sure not to repeat the same things from your C.V., but try to strike a balance between the qualities that you matched with the job description and match it with the skills added in your C.V.

Practice makes the answer perfect

Practicing to answer “Tell me about yourself” helps you be sure about your answer and make sure you answer in the required tone while answering the question.

It is suggested that you try to use your conversational tone while answering the question. Try not to sound too serious and robotic as it may show you are nervous.

Keep it professional

Make sure to sound professional, keeping in mind that this is a job interview after all.

Rehearse answering your fresher interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” and take the support of your parents or friends. They can help you to adjust your responses and construct them a lot more professionally.

Hopefully, you find these tips to answer the most often asked interview question “Tell me something about yourself” useful. and hope it will help you to crack your first job as a fresher.

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All the Best!

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