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Because we can never predict the other person’s personality, appearance, or attitude, interviews are always a bit of a test. Here we have the dreaded “Hiring Manager,” who will have some say in whether or not you get the job. Every communication, including interviews, is intended to persuade the listener. At the most fundamental level, the goal of any communication is to get the intended recipient to take some sort of action, in this case, providing positive feedback to the sender (you, the interviewee). Remember that the interview is a competition. It’s like a game of conversational chess, and you need to plan your moves carefully or you might end up on the losing side.

The key to successfully convincing someone during an interview is to not interrupt them. In order to accomplish this, it is important to watch what you say.

There are 5 things you should never say during an interview.

1. Under NO circumstances should you ever comment on the interviewer’s physical attractiveness. An interview can be halted in its tracks if this happens. The action may be interpreted as flirtatious on the part of a female if she performs it. Males may be judged as creepy more often than females.

  1. Don’t ever make jokes, especially ones that could be taken the wrong way. Keep the jokes to a minimum unless you’re actually auditioning. There’s too much grey area, and someone could get hurt by a poorly timed or poorly received joke. To succeed in your job search, adopt an amusing demeanour.
  2. Never speak ill of your former employer or the business. This is a bad look in any circumstance, but especially so if you were fired. Taking the high road will get you to your destination more quickly. If failures or past issues come up during the interview, make sure to always use unbiased language and explain what you have learned from the experiences.
  3. It doesn’t matter how relaxed of a conversation you are having, you should never use profanity.

Skilled interviewers know how to put candidates at ease so they will “drop their guard” and reveal information that may disqualify them for the position. The interviewer’s use of profanity is not an invitation for you to join in. Be focused and competent at all times. Take care with the words you choose to use in an interview.

  1. DO NOT, under any circumstances, insult the interviewer.

The conversation tends to veer off-topic at times. Maybe something in the sports world? If you are a Boston Red Sox fan sitting in the hiring manager’s office and you notice a photo of the New York Yankees on the wall, try to keep your thoughts to yourself. Perhaps political factors are at play here. Don’t argue with the interviewer. Never hesitate to use phrases like “I see your point” or “I understand” when discussing sensitive topics like religion, politics, sports, or the news. Read up on current events in the paper before an interview, but avoid taking a hard stance on contentious issues.

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