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Headhunters network extensively on a daily basis. Everyone’s time is valuable, but we especially value it when candidates respect that. Some job seekers appear to believe that the more time they spend talking to a recruiter on the phone, the more comfortable they will feel with them. Not so! The most promising applicants put together pithy presentations that outline their skills and professional goals in a nutshell, making them easy to grasp at a glance. It’s not something that should be done on the fly. It’s important to put some thought into your resume’s summary section. Don’t forget to highlight your most notable achievements. Put in the time to hone your delivery so that it improves with each outing.

To Apply for a Particular Position

The main benefit of contacting a company about a specific job is that you already have some idea of what they are looking for in a candidate. Take this opportunity to convince the recruiter (and, hopefully, the future employer) that you are the best candidate for the position by demonstrating that you have thoroughly comprehended their requirements (by restating them accurately) and that your skills and experience are a perfect match. If you want to impress them with your presentation, it’s best to do some homework on the role, the company, the competition, and the market.

Once you’ve established rapport with the recruiter and demonstrated some of the necessary skills for the position, it’s time to ask questions that will help you prepare for the interview with the employer. Ask the recruiter for information that isn’t included in the advertisement. Questions like “what are the hiring company’s biggest concerns about this hire,” “what have other candidates shown us that we need to improve on,” “what are the biggest challenges we can expect to face on the job,” “how long has this position been open,” “what are the most important factors in our success in this position,” etc. Having this knowledge will allow you to make adjustments to your “fit” presentation that will make you an even more attractive candidate. You could prepare for the interview by thinking back to times in your past when you faced and overcame a similar challenge.

Candidates who have done their homework on the organisation and tailored their presentation to highlight how well they meet the employer’s needs will always put their best foot forward when applying for a position.

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