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When you are currently employed, you should conceal the fact that you are job hunting so that your current employer does not find out.

Here are 10 ways to do just this.

  1. Don’t talk about your job search at the office

If you want to keep your plans under wraps, it doesn’t matter how friendly your coworkers are; you never know who they might tell. Even if you confide in just one person, they might tell just one more person, and word might eventually make its way to your boss. They might do this to further their own goals, or it might “slip out” inadvertently.

  1. Look for work outside of the office.

While it’s possible to do some online shopping even while at the office, it’s not a good idea to look at job boards. If your boss were to catch you in the act, what would you say? While you are technically on company time, you are still physically located at the office.

  1. When submitting your resume and applications, exercise caution.

You don’t have to be specific about your current employer and location on your resume. You should not give out your work email or phone number because they could be tracked. Further, it suggests that the person is the type to commit petty fraud upon joining a new organisation. In addition, your user name should reflect your professional identity. Use your personal LinkedIn profile instead of a company page.

  1. Never copy anything at work.

We all use office photocopiers from time to time, but what if the paper jams and someone else ends up with a copy of your application? It’s best if you don’t take that chance.

  1. Take no business calls while on the clock

If you don’t want to be interrupted while you’re working, it’s best to let your phone go straight to voice mail and respond to messages during lunch.

  1. Schedule interviews for when you’re free or after hours.

Be sure to have some vacation time left over in case you need to request a day off to attend an interview. A few sick days won’t hurt, but a poor sick record could cause them to rescind the offer of employment once they find out about it. Instead of making up an illness to get out of an interview, request a personal day. You can be brief and simply state that you must attend to a personal matter, and no further explanation is required.

  1. Maintain your regular work attire.

During lunchtime, you might have an interview that lasts an hour. Even though it’s fantastic that you can work this into your day, you should give some thought to what you plan to wear. If you have a reputation for dressing casually, showing up in your interview attire will raise eyebrows. It’s possible you’ll have to find a place to change away from the building.

  1. Referencing should be done with caution.

If you’re asked for references, check the box that says your current employer should be contacted only if your application is successful. An excessive number of businesses already contact references before scheduling an interview. Not so good for you, so tread carefully when sharing information.

  1. Maintain a consistent level of excellence.

The job search process could take several months, so it’s not a good idea to slack off at your current job. A large portion of the workforce will lose their drive and focus on nothing but the (unknown) future job. A less than stellar recommendation could result from this.

  1. Networking

Focus instead on how you may advance in your profession and how you welcome new challenges when networking, but never mention that you are unhappy in your current position or that you are looking to leave.

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Here Are 7 Causes To Look Online For Work Fri, 09 Dec 2022 05:53:50 +0000 Here Are 7 Causes To Look Online For Work.

The process of looking for a job can be time-consuming and discouraging. If you’re thinking about making a career switch, a web search might be very helpful. This will allow you to broaden your horizons and look for work all over the world, rather than just in your immediate vicinity.

The process of looking for work can be time-consuming and discouraging. The Internet is a great resource for anybody looking to make a career change. This will allow you to broaden your horizons and look for work all over the world, rather than just in your immediate vicinity.

  1. If you want to stay in the same field but would like to relocate for greater prospects, that’s something to consider. Check out competing businesses’ online presences for inspiration. Have a look at their career pages or HR portal. Web pages of prospective employers might be found in directories like Academic360.
  1. Conduct a search in Google. You can use Google or any other major search engine to look for companies or websites that hire people with your specific skill set.
  1. Check out some professional groups’ online resources. Joining an organisation like this can help you meet like-minded people and build professional relationships, both of which are essential to finding a new career.
  1. You can get a lot of help if you sign up for a service like You may browse through all the posts on their site and apply to vacancies that interest you, and they will also give you potential chances through email, blast your resume to various recruitment personnel around the world, and provide you with a professional appraisal of your CV.
  1. Your application will arrive safely and on time if you conduct a search online rather than sending it via mail or courier. When you submit your resume via the application, it is sent directly to the inbox of a prospective employer. Additionally, you will receive an application confirmation mail from the employment board.
  1. Online storage provides a handy place to keep multiple resumes and cover letters. The site will also keep a detailed record of the applications you submit. This ensures you’ll never submit duplicate resumes for the same position.
  1. When you submit your application online, you won’t have to pay for mailing, courier service, or faxing.


Using the internet to find a new career allows you to quickly and easily investigate many different opportunities. Searching multiple job boards can inspire you to think of a career shift, a move to a nation with more job chances, or even the launch of your own business. Successful businesses have often been started by groups of people from varied backgrounds who met online while looking for new opportunities.

The Internet also allows you to do in-depth research on your prospective employer, which will come in handy during job interviews.

Getting professional help with your resume writing will help you make sure it stands out from the millions of others, emphasises your strongest qualifications, and provides a thorough overview of your work history.

The process of finding a new job has advanced greatly since the advent of the internet.


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