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The time has come once more. You’d like to leave your job, but the prospect of doing so is so overwhelming that you decide to stick it out for a while longer. You spend every night moaning about how awful your day was, only to return the next day to more of the same.

Finding a job does not have to be a major hassle. If you want to land a job, you need to put together a strategy and stick to it. If you want to make your job hunt more manageable so you can move on with your life and find a job that serves you, then follow the steps below.

1) Be prepared.

Put together a strategy for finding work. You should plan when and what sort of new job you want to start. Make a list of everything that needs to happen and when in order for you to reach your objective.

2) Develop a habit

Set aside specific hours each day to focus on your job search, and make sure you use them effectively. Put out the word that you won’t be able to respond to messages or phone calls during that time. Stay focused on your job search strategy and avoid mindless browsing or getting lost on social media during this time.

3) Make a plan

It is crucial to maintain a record of your job search activities. If you want to get hired, you can’t forget to follow up with the companies you’ve applied to or the people you’ve talked to there. Find a system of organisation that suits your needs. Or, you could invest in a binder and use it to compile all the pertinent details of your job search in one place, ready to be retrieved in a flash should an employer wish to contact you. You can also visit for an online tool that will help you stay organised as you look for work.

4) Preserve your decorum

You should use a businesslike email address and a businesslike greeting when people call you. Having a separate line just for your job search is a smart move. Google Voice is a cost-free alternative. Put all incoming calls through to voicemail and use it sparingly. You won’t be taken by surprise when someone contacts you, and you’ll be able to return their call immediately after reviewing your notes for the company and for yourself.

5) Never let yourself down

Finding work in the modern economy can be challenging, but there is hope. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t gotten the reply you sought. Even though you haven’t stumbled upon your dream job just yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep looking. What’s important is that you keep at it. Learn from your progress in the job search, both the successes and failures, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

6) Consider your time investments carefully.

If you want to get hired, the best thing you can do is get out there and meet people who can help you get hired. These individuals can be located at networking events or through online means. You must make contact and establish rapport with them. According to the data, scouring online job boards is one of the least productive ways to find work. Instead, use job aggregators to set up alerts for when specific types of positions become available.

Inquiring minds want to know what you think. In your job search, what have you found to be the most difficult and time-consuming parts? Please feel free to share your job-hunting success story here.

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