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Leaving a job is common because people want to advance their careers, have more freedom, and/or be valued and appreciated more.

Also, you’ve probably heard that employees quit their bosses rather than their companies.

So, how do you keep your most valuable workers from jumping ship?

Talk to your subordinates and team members to find out how you can best support them and learn what they need to succeed.

Here are ten questions you should ask employees on a regular basis to learn about their career development aspirations, workplace flexibility needs, and preferred methods of recognition and appreciation for their efforts in the workplace, whether you’re conducting performance reviews, having end-of-year discussions, or discussing goal setting and goal planning for the upcoming year.

Find Weaknesses to Fix or Strengthen and Opportunities to Invest in

  1. Give us a rundown of the top three things you like or are good at doing at work.
  2. Tell me about two aspects of your job that you feel need more help or resources, or that you would rather not have to do.
  3. What do you do for fun when you’re not at work? Do you find satisfaction in pursuing a particular interest or undertaking a special project?

Professional Development / Learning Opportunities

  1. Is there something you have always been curious about but never had the chance to try because it wasn’t part of your job description?
  2. Do you feel limited in your ability to develop or pursue interests related to your career path because of your current position or the company as a whole?

Schedule Variability

  1. Is it possible to do your best work with the time and conditions you’re currently in?

Learn a person’s preferred management style.

  1. How would you prefer to be complimented and honored? What’s important to you?
  2. When would you find it most convenient to get together to review and report on how well you’re doing in reaching your objectives?

Permit them to develop and thrive.

  1. What am I not doing right now that would make a difference in your life in 2023?

A Mysterious Question

  1. What would you alter about your current position or employer if I offered you a magic wand?
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