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Now that you have crossed the barrier of your college days and have achieved the coveted graduation certificate, it’s time for you to step out and look for a job. And as scary as it may sound, getting a job as a fresher right off the bat is no easy feat. So, to find your dream job, you may ask yourself how to get a job as a fresher? And we say, it’s time for you to step up, stop asking how to get a job as a fresher? And start looking for your dream job.

So, stop asking how to get a job as a fresher, and follow the pointers given below to get a spot to score your dream job as a fresher.

1. Take a break and List your strengths and weakness:

Now that you have graduated and are stepping into the world of professionalism, you will be thinking, how to get a job as a fresher? The best thing to do at that moment is to take a break and stop for a moment to think about your strengths and weaknesses. Focuses on the strengths you have recognized in yourself during your college days. Like if you are a good orator or a great coordinator, this will reflect in your C.V. and is most likely to help you out in the longer run.

2. Don’t be shy to ask for help and optimize your C.V. score:

Sometimes, recognizing your skills can be a bit tough on your own, even more in the case if you are looking for a job as a fresher. This is where your close friends or family come to help. Don’t be shy to ask them for help and ask them to point out your strengths and weaknesses. You will be surprised by what you may find in your quest on how to find a job.

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3. Take help from job portals:

Stop looking for a job on Google or any other random site on how to find a job. Get yourself on any popular online storyboard and get yourself a profile on it. The key lies in using targeted search rather than searching randomly so that you can review and apply for the right job.

Most online job boards, including Career Hunts, provide lists of jobs by category.

This listing will give you a clear idea if you will be a great fit for the company or not. in these search boards, you can use the ‘advanced search option to filter out jobs that are not suitable for you by location, key skill, etc. also using targeted searches would help you get the right job faster as compared to trying your luck at random searches on how to find a job and hoping for the best.

4. Take advantage of your network:

In today’s world, living in the age of the internet and social media, we all do have a network online. While professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are purely meant for career-oriented connections, even your social networking platforms have pages for you to connect with people for professional opportunities on how to find a job as a fresher. Organizations give employee referrals more preference than you might think. So, don’t shy away from asking from a friend or friend’s friend, for you might be providing them an unexpected bonus.

5. Job fairs and career events:

Job fairs are often a great place to start putting yourself out and meeting the right people. Attending a job fair would give you an idea of what the job market is and you may get face to face with a potential employer. However, in job fair recruiters meets a lot of potential applicants each day. Don’t forget to carry a card with you that contain all your personal and private information and contact details. Also, shooting them with an email and letting them know that you are available also may work in your favor. And as to the fact that you are a fresher, you need to remember to put yourself in the eyes of the recruiter, as you are looking for an opportunity on how to find a job as a fresher?

6. Research your employer:

If you were to consider someone to work with you, you would naturally expect them to show some interest in you, right? Almost every interviewer asks you what you know of the company, and it looks bad if you have no idea. Yes, you might be applying to a lot of companies, so keeping a track of all those details can be a bit difficult. But as a fresher, remembering the companies you have applied to will help you to keep a diligent and attentive attitude to the recruiter. It also helps if you customize your resume for specific roles/companies that you apply for making it easier for you to and the question of how to find a job.

7. Job referral and recommendation letters:

most companies have a recommendation program where an existing employee can refer a fresher to a job for an open spot in the company. And in most cases, the companies provide the employee with a bonus. So, it’s a win for both parties. Also, having a recommendation letter will increase your chances as a recommendation letter will give your employees an insight into your overall characteristics. And if you have some previous experiences, then do get recommendation letters from your mentor mentioning your skills and achievements in that specific field as it will add a lot of creditability to your resume.

8. Walk-in interviews:

Sometimes, most companies do have a walk-in interview on certain dates, where they welcome freshers and let them get accustomed to the interview process. Also, there is a huge chance to get hired as you won’t have to fight against more experienced candidates and so there may be a chance you can get hired.

9. Have a great overview:

your C.V. gets only about 5 seconds before the reviewer moves on to the next one. And to get their attention, you need to get your C.V. as short, crisp, and to the point as possible. You will also need to provide an overall view to your recruiter about your strength, weaknesses, and purposes. So, stay on point and use keywords to get the attention of your recruiter.

10. Know your worth:

Earning your own money is one of the best things you look forward to as part of entering professional life. While most of the companies have a fixed pay scale for most of the freshers. Some of them can be a little open to bargaining. But, before you think of negotiating, be aware of the industry range for your role. Look in the professional sites for salary pay scales and then if you think you are being exploited, voice your concern to your superiors. Speak to them about how you can be effective in the role and convince them that you deserve more than what is being offered.

11. Prepare for your interview:

There are loads of ways in which you can prepare yourself for the big question, how to get a job as a fresher? There are loads of preparation materials in the market from where you can prepare yourself for your interviews. But your best learning experience will come from the time you will gain from attending the actual interviews. Even if you don’t get the job, you will learn a lot and then you can revise and change yourself according to that experience and will reinvent the new you.

12. Go high collar, and be confident:

What you wear makes a significant impact on your first impression score. Before you start your interaction with the interviewer, your choice of clothing will create an overall impression on the interviewer. Depending on your job profile and the industry you are applying for, go for a formal or semi-formal outfit. For example, while most roles demand you dress in formals, for interviews with firms like an advertising agency, casual wear is more appropriate. But no matter what, don’t forget that confidence is all it matters.

So, given above are some important aspects to ace an interview as a fresher, and we at Career Hunts hope that these tips and tricks will help you to get you your dream job right after your graduation.

Also, in this given world after the whole pandemic, finding yourself a job will be a bit difficult, but you can always find yourself an internship. The internship is a great way to enter an organization, check their work culture, and see if their ethos and value match yours. Most importantly help you gain relevant work experience in the domains you wish to work in in the future. Also, companies do hire interns if they are happy with the working of the intern. And NEVER LOSE HOPE! 

All the Best!

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