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Your resume is your first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer. Make good use of the opportunity to highlight your strongest points. Essential elements for your resume are provided in the following list.

 Your direct contact details –

The potential employer or recruiter must have a way to get in touch with you. It’s a basic part of a resume that many people either don’t include or never update. Referring to your online profiles is also appreciated.

Keep in mind the most significant things you have done.

Don’t be ashamed of the success you’ve had in the past. You may make your resume stand out by providing concrete examples of how you’ve applied your unique set of abilities in the past.

Prior work experience should ONLY be listed if it is relevant. 

Include relevant work experience in your resume’s focus section when applying for a Planning position. Although nontraditional work experience can be helpful, it must have some relevance to the position being sought.

Very clean and crisp design

Make your resume easier to read by dividing it into sections. You don’t want potential employers or recruiters wasting time trying to get the right details, so make sure you provide all they need up front.

Describe your interests and hobbies.

What you enjoy doing and thinking about might tell others a lot about your personality and character. A football player’s intense competitiveness and focus on teamwork may provide that impression. A person who is skilled in chess may be viewed as strategic and analytical. Make sure your interests are relevant to the position, and don’t do anything that sends the wrong message about who you are in relation to the needs of the position.

Don’t be amateurish.

You aren’t attempting to persuade a buddy to hire you; you’re trying to impress a seasoned pro in the field. Assume their mindset and use their language to immediately bond with them and start communicating effectively. Use appropriate jargon to show that you have a firm grasp of the market.

The foundation of your resume can be found in these suggestions. However, remember to tailor your application to each individual position you apply for. In the absence of worthwhile material, aesthetic considerations like layout and subtitling will be wasted.

Make it your own by adding your own touches, of course!

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