How to Write a Curriculum Vitae for a Job Application?

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae for a Job Application?

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae for a Job Application?

According to popular research, the most a recruiter spends looking at a C.V. is approximately 6 seconds.

It sounds too unfair, right?

You spend so much invaluable time thinking about how to write a perfect C.V., complete with all the bells and whistles, pouring so much of your blood, sweat, and tears into it, And what does the recruiter do?

They just glance at it, for a few seconds and then move on to the next one.

And so, the question arises, how to write the perfect resume so that you going to capture anyone’s attention in just a few moments?

Well, we have an answer.

Are you ready?

It’s long and might be a little time-consuming. And no, there are no shortcuts.

So, if you want the details on how to write a perfect C.V., you need to step up and start taking the process seriously and perfect every small detail to perfection. And once you are done through it, it will be worth the effort. Because after all, it is just a small price to pay for that dream job you wanted all your life. By asking how to write a perfect C.V. is essentially investing in your future, right?. But the big question that arises then is, How do you write a perfect resume?

Be relevant

When the question arises on how to write a perfect CV, the answer is not simple. The major key to write a C.V. is to make you stand out in a crowd of applicants applying for the post. Be sure to present yourself well but also make sure that the experiences you are putting up on your C.V. are relevant to the job you are applying to. It is suggested to look at the job description and make clear points on why you will be invaluable for the position you are applying for.

Also, these days, the experts recommend not to attach a cover letter to the C.V. as it takes up the invaluable time reading when it could be spent on reading the more important experiences on the C.V.

Mind your language

Avoid using tried and repetitive words on your C.V., like passionate, hardworking, and team player. H.R. personnel don’t like thee kind of word as it is dependent on the kind o work that you are applying for. Research says that words like  “accountable”, as well as “achieve” and “purpose” do the trick better. Also, answer to a question like“What was the purpose of your role? and “ Why were you there?” also works magic as well.

Pay attention to detail

While on the quest on how to write the perfect resume, keeping the tone humble yet talking about your achievements can be a bit of a messy thing as it may cause problems in the delivery of the message that you are trying to portray in your C.V. So, you need to pay every bit of attention to your C.V. and keep in a balance of perfect delivery and a humble way of speech.

It is recommended that you employ the help of one of your fellow peers and ask them to give your C.V. a read as they may be able to point out the flaws that you may be missing.

Keep it short

If you are thinking, how to write the perfect resume, stay on the point with your C.V. Keep it short, crisp, and precise, and on the point, as you just have a few seconds to give your message to the person who is reading your C.V.. so, don’t be afraid to remove some previous job experience if it is not related to the post you are applying for.

 Traditionally it is considered to be a 2 page limit for your C.V., but it depends on the sector and the level of seniority you are going for. Though it is considered that if you can generally keep it within a limit of 2 pages, the recruiters tend to be happy.

Be accurate

You will be judged on your grammar and spelling on your C.V., and that is a given. So, don’t forget to use an auto-correcting platform like Grammarly to give your C.V. a final check. Also, ask some of your peers to give it a read and make some informed suggestions on what can be improved.

Make sure it reflects you

The look and feel are really important while making your C.V. as it will show to your recruiter what kind of a person you are. if you are applying for something in a creative field, then show off your creative side with a well-made color-coordinated eye-catching C.V.. that will show the recruiters your creative soul and will help you to snag that position. And if you are planning to be on the management side, we think sticking to the old classic will be the best bet for you.

Don’t be afraid to include personal information

Don’t ramble about your pet or your recent solo trip on your C.V. but you can always mention that your like animals or travels. This will give your recruiter an idea about who you are and what are your likes and dislikes and some more. Also, don’t forget to mention that if you were on some kind of leave or have taken a job break in between as recruiters like to know who they are going to hire.

Don’t necessarily include a photo

These days, C.V. recruiters are not a very big fan of photographs on the C.V., as it tends to shift the focus from one’s achievements and on certain occasions make people judge them on their looks. And to avoid that most companies prefer a C.V. without a photo.

Also, to play safe, make a C.V. highlighting your key skills and achievements, and not your picture as the focal point of your C.V.

Include interesting hobbies

If you are a regular member of a sports team or you volunteer in an NGO on your day o, you need to mention it on your cv. This makes your cv look like that you are a team player who can work with a team and have leadership capabilities.

So, here are some tips that can help you with the question, how to write a perfect cv and maybe help you get that dream job as well. So, we recommend you to follow them and get that career that you always wanted to have for yourself.

So, follow these tips and tricks and make sure to answer the question, how to write the perfect resume? And we are sure that the perfect resume will give you the competitive edge that you will need to get that job you have always coveted.

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