How to find the perfect job vacancy in Kolkata

How to find the perfect job vacancy in Kolkata

The economy of Kolkata has been on the rise for the last few years. Regarded as the gateway to the north-eastern section of India, many national and multinational businesses have their base of activity here. This city is famous for being one of the best metropolitan areas to live in. There is a huge influx of candidates and potential job seekers looking for an opportunity here. So, be it an IT company or a manufacturing company, this city has something for you.

If you have what it takes to be successful, this city has a lot to offer as well. Even if you don’t have previous working experience, you can easily find a job that is perfect for you to start your career in the city as a fresher. If you are an experienced professional looking forward to furthering progress in your career, there are plenty of jobs available for you in Kolkata.

At Career Hunts, we make sure to provide you with the job you are best suited for by connecting you with the latest vacancies available in Kolkata.

The Scope of Jobs in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and seeks the attention of most national and multinational organizations. Business proprietors find this city perfect to set up their base of operations here. You can find job openings in Kolkata in various domains and sectors like the health care sector, telecommunication services, manufacturing of goods, programming, and game design companies.

Kolkata has some of the most well-known educational institutions present in the city, attracting students worldwide. This has convinced some of the most influential firms to set up their base of command in this city, and are looking to provide jobs to graduates in Kolkata. Some Of the major organizations that have their headquarters inĀ  Kolkata are ITC, CESC, Birla Corporation, Britannia Industries, Graphite India, Hindustan Copper Ltd.

There are various job vacancies in Kolkata for graduates from various organizations in this city.

Top Companies for Jobs in Kolkata

Kolkata houses some of the most famous corporate houses in the country. So, when you imagine what are the companies that you are going to look for while looking for a job in the city?

For your convenience, let us make a list of the top companies in the city.

  • Accenture

  • IBM India

  • Tech Mahindra

  • TCS

  • Capgemini

  • Mindtree

  • Collabera

  • ITC Infotech

  • Ericsson Worldwide

  • Genpact

Other than most of the national ones, this city also houses the branch offices of most of the famous multinational corporations. To popularize the name of their organizations in North-East India, Kolkata is the city of choice for investors and entrepreneurs since it offers excellent connectivity in all sectors, including land, sea, and air. And since Kolkata is the city of culture and a major junction hub in the eastern part of the city, tourism also employs a lot of people in this metropolitan area.

List of Multinational Companies in Kolkata

  • PepsiCo

  • IBM

  • Nestle

  • Sony Corporation

  • CITI Group

Many Famous national brands such as Tata group, Reliance Industries, ICICI, Infosys, LIC, HDFC, SBI, Mahindra and Mahindra, Airtel, etc., have their base of action right here in Kolkata.

Popular Job Roles in Kolkata

There are many types of corporations operating in Kolkata working across various realms. So, job openings in each of these areas will vary correspondingly. Kolkata is a popular destination for qualified professionals. The jobs vacancies available in Kolkata do vary with the skills and education of the candidate

Many graduates look for vacancies in internships in organizations to get started with their careers. But graduates from reputed institutes can find interesting jobs in major corporations with a steady paycheck in this city. Those with full-time jobs have the advantage of a steady paycheck and excellent benefits.

How to look for jobs in Kolkata?

Here possibilities are many but what is crucial is having the correct approach. The most important thing is to realize where you want to work and how you want to work and what your desired job role is. Listen to your intuition and find your passion.

Once you have shortlisted the job you want to work in, prepare an impressive resume, and look for tips and tricks that will help you clear the interview. After that, visit our website and look for job opportunities in the sector you prefer, and proceed accordingly. We are here to help you; you must choose from the options available and connect you with your dream job at Career Hunts.

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