How Can you Apply For A Privilage Leave?

How Can you Apply For A Privilege Leave?

Privilege leaves while extremely popular, are unknown to many. One of the most flexible and employee-friendly office leaves, privilege leaves allow you to be get paid while enjoying long-term leaves.

By definition, privilege leaves are earned leaves credited to employees by the company. These leaves can be used for vacation, as rest-time, marriage leaves, or in case of medical emergencies. Since these leaves are long-term, you will have to apply for a minimum of 3 days vacation, 7-14 days in advance.

Curious? Read more to find out all about privilege leaves definition and how to apply for privilege leaves.

What are privileged leaves?

These are paid leaves, which means a worker can relish these leaves without any salary cuts. They are authorized by higher-ups and must be applied for in advancement.

Most companies gift employees with privileged leaves at the end of the financial year. While the number of leaves may vary in each company, employees generally get 18 privilege leaves per annum.

You can enjoy the leaves earned in the previous years, and the best part is that these leaves can also be carried forward and collected for up to 3 years, in case you do not wish to use them immediately.

Additionally, these leaves are encashable, and employees can get remunerated instead of using these leaves. You can also suffix and prefix these leaves with other casual and sick leaves.

How to apply for privilege leaves?

Here are a few steps you can follow to apply for privilege leaves:

1. Plan privilege leaves in advance

To encash privilege leaves, one of the crucial things to remember is to apply for same in advance. While the policy varies, most companies expect you to apply 7-15 days in advance to get privilege leaves approved.

2. Talk to your manager

Since privileged leaves are planned and long-term, the first thing you must do is seek verbal permission from your manager/skip-level manager.

Find a time to connect with them and discuss the duration of your time off. Also, use this time to discuss the work that has to be done on a priority and plan your time before leaves accordingly.

3. Find a temporary replacement

Since you can only take privileged leaves for more than 3 days, it is crucial to have someone in-charge to take care of your responsibilities. So, identify a colleague who may have band-width to take care of your work too, and ask them to be your temporary replacement.

You can also do this by discussing with your manager who can help you find someone to take charge, while you enjoy your earned leaves.

4. Submit a written application

The last and final step to apply for privilege leaves is to write an application. As you draft an application to get your privileged leaves approved, include the reason of leaves, duration of the same, and the rejoining date.

For better clarity, use Privilege leaves application- {Your Name}, as your subject line.

To give you a better idea of what a privilege leave application should look like, here’s a sample.


Having privilege leaves truly feels like a privilege due to its flexible nature. In this blog, we discussed what are privilege leaves, and how you can apply for them.

In case you don’t want to use these privilege leaves, you can speak to your HR and discuss the possibility to encash these or have them carried forward.

We hope you were able to get better clarity about the meaning of privilege leaves and the process to apply for the same.

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