Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Teacher In Kolkata!

Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Teacher In Kolkata!

Globally speaking, the Indian education sector is one of the largest. We have more than 14 million schools, 200 million registered students, over 850 government universities, and 40,000 institutes for higher education. With climbing revenue levels and the need for excellent education, the education area in India is growing at an accelerated pace. Just like any other country, there are mainly two forms of the education system in India.

Even though there is huge progress, the average percentage of literacy in India falls short of the average literacy rate of 86% all over the developed nation.  However, with significant growth possible shortly teaching job is in high demand in this part of the continent.

The government is taking the action to make the most of these possibilities through stringent qualification guidelines and infrastructure developments to produce qualified and skilled teachers for a better and brighter future for the country. Kolkata is no different and offers a great opportunity for teaching jobs in Kolkata, teaching jobs in Kolkata for freshers, online teaching jobs in Kolkata, part-time teaching jobs for freshers, part-time teaching jobs to start a career here and become successful teachers. described below:

Steps To Become A teacher in Kolkata

Determine which level you would like to teach

You need to determine what is the level of education that you will want to provide.  Primary school consists of students from class 1 till the 8th while secondary schools allow you to teach students from the 9th till the 12th grades. Choose the age group that you find the most congenial with to start your career as a teacher.

Decide which subject you want to teach

Primary school teachers do not require an area of specialization however, secondary educational institutes do.  If you fancy teaching any specific subject, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree in the specific subject area.

Primary school education functions include reading, writing, arithmetic, social science, science, and English. Subjects taught in secondary school cover Hindi, English, foreign languages, math, science and technology, history, geography, civics, art, physical education, and health. Some schools even provide vocational training and music classes.

Get the required teaching degrees

In India, there are three levels of teaching degrees needed to guide primary and higher secondary school levels.

Diploma in education (D.Ted)

Bachelor’s in education (B.Ed)

Master’s in Education (M.Ed)

For primary or elementary levels, a diploma is the merest condition of education. For secondary school levels, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be deemed adequate to teach. A master’s at this level is only wanted for specialized subjects.

Government school teachers in India are supposed to have a minimum Diploma or bachelor’s degree to get their teaching career on track. Kindergartens and elementary schools expect their teachers to hold a Montessori training degree. Even though preschool teachers might be allowed to start their work with a diploma degree, however, it is suggested that you do get a diploma or a bachelor’s degree somewhere down the line.

It is not at all surprising if some schools look for a teacher with a master’s in a specific subject like history or science. It is suggested that every candidate should get a master’s degree if you want to teach any specific subject.

How to excel in your career as a teacher?

Gain plenty of experience

It is very necessary to gain as much experience as a teacher as possible. Aspiring teachers must gather a huge amount of teaching experience to find a better earning or a chance to teach at some well-reputed institution. Teachers can earn teaching experiences while pursuing the bachelor’s degree, completed during an internship, or after the end of graduation before entering into full-time employment.

Personal development and higher degrees

To earn a better salary, greater job flexibility, advancement into administration positions, and position themselves better as a teacher they should earn a master’s degree. Every public and private school encourages their school teachers to continue their personal development by continuing their education or professional development courses.


Being a teacher is a huge responsibility. You are expected to teach courses, take exams, develop classroom curricula, and most importantly show an entire group of kids how to do it and get them going on the right way to life. Due to such heavy roles and accountabilities, institutes want to hire highly skilled, qualified, and veteran teachers.

Teachers have the prospects to choose from various classroom environments and the age group of the students helps define the course of their career paths. The fundamental teaching level commences with elementary, middle school, high school, early education, special education, and post-secondary education. Teachers can even join online education to teach courses online.

The demand for teachers will always be higher. Huge growth is expected in some of the teaching positions in the upcoming years, especially in post-secondary and preschool teaching. Even though, the sector is developing fast, becoming a teacher is not a speedy method.

You need the appropriate degrees, experience, eligibilities, and disposition to shine as a teacher. Remember when you are striving to become a teacher; you are not just accountable for your career but thousands of other students who will be learning from you.

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