5 Ways to Plan your Success Roadmap in 2022

5 Ways to Plan your Success Roadmap in 2022

Looking back at the last 2 years, the pandemic has administered us the most lethal blows, both privately and professionally. But with the commencement of 2022, the dark clouds have started to hover away albeit slowly, and with lessons realized from the prior years, every professional needs to sit back and revise their plan of action to acquire their dream job.

“What is your dream job?” is one of the most repeatedly asked HR interview questions in a job interview. Let’s be honest, you need to have given a severe amount of thought into it to be able to come through to the interviewer’s follow-up queries.

So what better time than the New Year to sit down and revise your plans to commit to your dream job! In this piece, we will take you through the steps to follow while concocting a roadmap to your dream job.

  1. Consider where you want to see yourself in the near future

  2. Analyze your SWOT

  3. Research on available job profiles in the market

  4. Improve your network

  5. Work on your vision board ideas

Consider where you want to see yourself in the near future

First things first, take a step back and figure out where you want to see yourself in the upcoming years. The pandemic has brought forth clarity on the job market design and which job roles are here to flourish.

Based on this research, you can find the dream job that you are devoted to based on where you want to see yourself in representations of location, field, income, etc. In short, you have to map your aspirations to the job market investigation to come up with a substantial plan.

Take, for example, you are an aspiring data scientist. So when you sit down to make a roadmap to triumph, you need to tick off all the crucial milestones to accomplish the same.

Here are a few things you need to consider,

  • Current in-demand skills: It is extremely important to stay abreast of all the current skills to progress in your career

  • Understand and work on your strengths and weaknesses

  • Create milestones: This will help you to break down your goals in an achievable format

  • Stay updated on the current salary trend for a data scientist role

Analyze your SWOT

Every business experiences periodic SWOT analyses to help sweeten its business opportunities. SWOT analysis when broken down signifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Comprehending how to use this method can help you make logical decisions regarding your career.

You can use personal SWOT analysis on straightforward areas such as Hard skills/ technical skills, soft skills, etc to improve your opportunities.

Here is how you can list your SWOT analysis.

  • List down your relevant strengths

  • List down your weaknesses

  • Define external factors that can act as opportunities

  • list down the threats that can arise

Such detailed analysis can help you come up with a concrete plan for success.

Research on available job profiles in the market

Next, you can find out more about the market for the job role, its future demand, etc. after all you don’t want to opt for a profession that may fail its demand 2/3 years down the line.

So, make sure you do meticulous research, not just about the demand and salary but also the growth prospects, as you don’t want to start feeling under-challenged or dormant in your choice of field. This leads to our next point, working on enhancing your network.

Improve your network

Indeed, you don’t want to limit your research to just theoretical research. With professional websites, you can reach out to people of the same field or even your college alumni and get a better understanding of the field and how to progress in it.

You can also ask to speak with your family, friends, and even colleagues of your parents (if working) and get all your questions answered about the field.

Work on your vision board ideas

The next step to curating the roadmap to your dream job is to create a vision board. This can help in reminding you of your dream job and how far along you are in achieving the same.

Once you find yourself looking at the concrete layout of your path to achieving your dream job, CareerHunts.com is where you can find the remainder of the solutions.

However, do not be afraid of falling or tripping on your way to success and continue on your way with discipline and consistency.

All the Best!

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