Importance of Resume

Whenever one is planning to put in for a job, he needs a perfect resume. But some may feel wonderment, Why is this document so immensely important?


Jobs are typically precious in the world economy. If one is to get a nice j...
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What is a Visual Resume

Today we are here to help you to explain what a visual resume is or what a Visual CV is. As time has changed so far, so the selection process in the interview has also changed.

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11 Way to Prepare For A Walk-In Interview

In a walk-in-interview, a candidate can easily attain the interview without taking a previous appointment. 


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List of Do’s In An Interview

According to the latest survey in india, we have found that the fate of an interviwee is sealed in the first five to seven seconds by his body language. Recruiters also find the same thing. thus, body language carry the 55% marks for thw whole communication round. In such a state, you have to be very careful about the presence of body language. read more.

Significance Of Voting

 Voting is one of the fundamental rights of every citizen. It allows the citizens to select the leaders of future. In several countries, the lowest age for vote is only18 years. Voting not only permits them to vote for the political parties, ...
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