What is a Visual Resume

Today we are here to help you to explain what a visual resume is or what a Visual CV is. As time has changed so far, so the selection process in the interview has also changed.


A well-built resume does 50% of your work to impress your interviewers. Nowadays, you can achieve this thing by creating a visual resume. It will put you in the very first place. It will also ensure that your first impression will not be in vain.


Write true things about you on your resume and research extensively to know well about the visual résumé. It is seen that everybody knows the difference between a visual resume and a text resume. 


People are going for their visual resume to come first in the contest in this cutthroat job market.


Difference between text resume and visual resume

1. Visual resume aids supplying a clear representation that helps to scan the highlighted key elements of your CV.

2. It proffers an unmatched and original format to a conventional text resume. A visual resume also helps to form numerous versions of your profile. It also assists you to select the one from various organization-approved templates as well as favours you to keep a record of your results.

3. Its pictures and visuals bolster in enriching the genuineness of your resume.

4. This resume has an exceptional confusion breaking look.

5. Furthermore, a text resume is not visibly alluring. It has one font style and font size.

6. You cannot underline your key elements in basic text resume. In a visual resume, you may easily alter the font style, size and colour as well. You can easily utilize your smart mobile phone to revise your visual resume.


Infographic resume

Infographic resume keeps all information, full of text and images. But it has not thorough information as it is in a traditional resume. It truly consist of graphics to understand it quickly by having a glance.


Why is it so popular?

1. Infographic resume is a super-hit pivoting on how imaginatively you have designed it. In any recruiting procedure, the interpreting of resume from starting to its end is really a time compelling process, so it assists the recruiting manager to grasp the essential data very fast. Thus it makes an easy task for them to scan the document.

2. It helps out you to demonstrate your imagination with your resume and assist you to show your uniqueness among the candidates.

3. Yet, infographic resume is a partial replacement of your text resume. Though they grasp the attention quickly, the recruiters find it not much informative. It is easy to read as it has both detailed information and pictures also.

Last Few Words…

A creative and good resume assists to figure out you among the bulks of resumes and constantly be sure about your resume has an enriched content including a captivating portrait of your accomplishments and skills. In case of further details, you can log into